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Oct 2022




Meet Gooki: The Charming White Munchkin with a Unique Voice

Meet Gooki, the radiant star of Mini Leg Munchkin Cattery, and the embodiment of playful elegance. As the second munchkin to grace our cattery, Gooki is a delightful addition with his pure white fur and captivating charm. His striking appearance is matched by his exuberant personality that radiates energy and excitement. Gooki's active nature is a testament to his zest for life, and he's never shy about expressing himself vocally. With a penchant for curious exploration, he's always on the lookout for new adventures and experiences. One of his most endearing traits is his fondness for human companionship. Gooki's affinity for people creates a bond that warms the hearts of everyone he meets. As he continues to weave his special presence into our cattery's tapestry, Gooki represents the unique and unforgettable essence of our beloved munchkin family.

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