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Welcome to Mini Leg Munchkin Cattery

Breeding Munchkins with Love and Care

June Baby Munchkin Kittens

At Mini Leg Munchkin Cattery, we take pride in breeding munchkins with love and care, ensuring the health and happiness of each adorable munchkin kitten. Our dedicated approach to ethical breeding and TICA registration sets us apart as a trusted breeder in Vancouver, Canada. Our munchkin kittens are raised in a nurturing environment, receiving constant attention and socialization. With a focus on genetic integrity and the unique charm of the munchkin breed, we strive to produce cherished companions for loving families. If you're looking for a TICA registered cattery that prioritizes love and care in every breeding, Mini Leg Munchkin Cattery is the place for you. Find your purrfect munchkin companion and experience the joy of bringing home a fur baby bred with passion and commitment.

Our Cattery

At Mini Leg Munchkin Cattery, we take immense pride in providing a loving and enchanting environment for our adorable munchkin kittens. From the moment these tiny bundles of joy are born, they are embraced with a warm cocoon of care and affection. Our dedicated team ensures that each munchkin kitten receives plenty of love, attention, and specialized socialization, fostering their physical and emotional well-being. We believe that early experiences shape a munchkin kitten's unique personality and charm, so we expose them to various sights, sounds, and playful interactions, preparing them to dazzle their forever families. Our cattery is designed to be a magical home away from home, where the munchkin kittens have ample space to showcase their signature short legs and playful antics, delighting both littermates and human caretakers. As they grow and their endearing personalities emerge, we observe and nurture their quirks, ensuring the perfect match for potential adopters. With our unwavering commitment to their well-being and individuality, you can be assured that every munchkin kitten from Mini Leg Munchkin Cattery is ready to become a cherished and adored member of your home, spreading joy and magic with their tiny paws.

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