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Oct 2022




Meet Pizza: The Charismatic Munchkin with a Heart of Gold

Allow us to introduce you to Pizza, the trailblazing pioneer of Mini Leg Munchkin Cattery and the embodiment of charm and charisma. As the first munchkin to grace our cattery, Pizza has stolen our hearts with his playful spirit and endearing mellow demeanor. With a unique blend of kitten-like enthusiasm and a remarkably chill disposition, Pizza brings an aura of positivity to everyone he encounters. Beyond his captivating appearance with those signature short legs, Pizza stands out for his role as the gentle guardian of our little ones. His nurturing nature and attentive care make him a cherished mentor to our munchkin kittens, creating a heartwarming sense of family. As our furry ambassador, Pizza embodies the essence of responsible breeding and the unbreakable bonds that form within our cattery. Join us in celebrating this mellow munchkin's presence, as he continues to sprinkle joy and love in the lives of all who meet him.

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