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Feb 2023




Meet Momo: The Adventurous Scottish Fold with a Playful Spirit

Introducing Momo, the spirited Scottish Fold who adds a touch of adventure and mischief to Mini Leg Munchkin Cattery. Momo's journey began as a tiny ball of fur, arriving at our doorstep with the promise of delightful chaos. With her captivating folded ears and twinkling eyes, Momo quickly made her way into our hearts and became a cherished member of our feline family. Her active and intelligent nature keeps us on our toes, as she thrives on exploration and discovery. Momo's mischievous side is legendary - she's the one who opens closed doors and leads the curious parade of cats into new territories. But it's not all about escapades; Momo shares a heartwarming bond with Gooki, making them an inseparable pair. Momo's presence adds a spark of energy and wonder to our cattery, reminding us that life's best moments often come with a hint of mischief.

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