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April 2023




Meet Cinnabun: The Tranquil Long-Haired Scottish with a Playful Soul

Allow us to introduce you to Cinnabun, the serene long-haired Scottish cat who graces Mini Leg Munchkin Cattery with her tranquil presence and playful soul. Cinnabun's exquisite long coat drapes her like a regal robe, a testament to her elegance and grace. Beneath that captivating exterior lies a heart that beats with curiosity and enthusiasm. Cinnabun's mellow nature and love for play create a beautiful balance, inviting a sense of calm into our cattery. Her vibrant energy comes alive as she engages in playful antics, leaving a trail of joy in her wake. Always on the lookout for human companionship, Cinnabun's eyes light up with warmth and excitement when we offer a gentle touch. She's a living reminder that beneath every layer of fur, there's a unique and endearing personality waiting to be discovered

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