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Feb 2023




Meet Bambi: The Resilient Scottish Fold with a Heartwarming Connection

Allow us to introduce you to Bambi, the captivating Scottish Fold who embodies resilience and a heartwarming bond. Bambi's journey to Mini Leg Munchkin Cattery was a tale of determination and love. Arriving as a few-weeks-old treasure, she entered our lives as a precious gift. We took on the role of her nurturers, handfeeding her with milk and cradling her in the warmth of care and affection. Bambi's resilience shone through as she embraced life with curiosity and spirit, gradually blossoming into the special cat she is today. Her captivating folded ears and endearing eyes tell a story of strength and connection. Bambi's heart is forever entwined with ours - to this day, she sees us as her family and her safe haven. Whenever she seeks solace, her gentle presence reminds us of the power of love and the remarkable journey that brought her into our lives.

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